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Hi there
the council brought down a wobbly cliff near Rhoose and I had a few finds. Can anyone identify the brown material in these rocks? One looks like wood and protudes slightly from the rock. The larger piece appears to have faint F43214D7-8C54-4464-B435-3391297FF708.jpeg  4CA38C39-30B4-4102-88C4-B670F47AB0A3.jpeg  A76EB1EE-A7DD-40C4-B040-B1710DC2D714.jpeg  EC3CC784-E880-454D-9B31-E8327A0FD026.jpeg  CFD9800B-52C6-4C83-8C2F-DA95F332FDCB.jpeg  ring markings. 
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The first set of photos are of an infilled burrow, and the last photo Gryphaea, an early forms of an oyster from the early Jurassic.
Colin Huller
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Thank you that’s really kind. Just to be a bit clearer, the first 2 photos are the same rock - the deposit goes all the way through. The second 2 photos are two rocks that fit together. That deposit doesn’t exit the rock. Much appreciated. 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Lune,
Looks like the same rock just orange instead of grey, seems to have a halo of less dense orange around it too. Maybe circulating pore fluids deposited iron oxide, spreading out from a nucleus during diagenesis. Assume it's elliptical due to the prevailing pressure regime during its formation. Maybe if the conditions had lasted longer it would have formed a more obvious concretion.

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