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I found this last week at Herne Bay Click image for larger version - Name: F6E50695-E578-493F-96AA-B8D4E763E462.jpeg, Views: 48, Size: 1.77 MB
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Guy Osborn
Top left - Chimaera (rabbit fish - related to sharks) part of palette, used for crushing molluscs etc
Second down on left - 
Third down on left - crushing tooth of eagle ray (Myliobatis dixoni) again a crushing tooth
Top middle - MAY be part of "tooth stack" of Phyllodus toliapicus (identified previously by
Only guessing, not an expert, only been to Beltinge about five times
If you use a ruler in the photo, it makes it easier!
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Thank you!
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Yes, middle top is Phyllodus toliapicus.
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