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87D360E7-854A-46FE-94FF-82ACF256D5B6.jpeg  9E94F62D-0142-4949-8192-FD06F6B74188.jpeg  A6B4F751-57CD-4B10-9965-47B154BEC2BC.jpeg  96C9CE1B-2D46-43AC-A4B0-B46BB027397F.jpeg  039DC825-35D1-40D9-9CFA-DC8BBB24DB75.jpeg  21AC9E0A-53F6-4EF8-8088-7DCDA36BF813.jpeg  Hi
almost finished prepping a find from hock cliff Frampton on Severn 
can anyone shed light on if this is a bone or shell?
there is a pyrite Crinoid up against it
thanks for any input 
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Bobo the bear
Got something similar...could be a sponge attachment to the rocks but I am not an expert. Something like Hyalostelia but the date would be wrong for the area I think
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Dirty Pete
Could be wrong but I'm still leaning towards bivalve.....I see a veneer of 'shell like' material with ribs/ornamentation surrounding a calcite core. Assume if you kept digging it'd taper to a point....wedge shaped bivalve that tapers to a point.....Pinna maybe.

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Hello, this looks like the sharp end of a Pinnashell; your `right Pete...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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