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Hi All

First post - hello!

A few things I've found over the last year or so.  Any thoughts or pointers appreciated - especially for 2!

Locations (as per the no on the die):

1 - Sand Point, nr Weston Super Mare
2 - Weymouth Beach
4 - Sand Point (dark), New Zealand (light)
5 - Sand Point - what on earth is this stuff? 

20190223_225621.jpg 20190223_225635.jpg 20190223_225649.jpg 20190223_225704.jpg 20190223_225846.jpg 20190223_225858.jpg 20190223_225938.jpg 20190223_225949.jpg 20190223_230017.jpg 20190223_230048.jpg 20190223_230156.jpg 20190223_230215.jpg 
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These all look like mnerals or concretions to me, but I haven't been to NZ!
Colin Huller
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