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Would anybody please kindly give me and my son more information on these few fossil finds please. I believe the two star shaped ones are coral, and the few bullet shaped are squid bodies, (can't remember the proper term). We bumped into a fossil collector who gave us names of a few but words I've never heard of, so we forgot by the time we got home. These were found on the cliff edge at mappleton.  IMG_20190829_205401.jpg  IMG_20190829_205518.jpg  side view of the big oneIMG_20190829_205317.jpg it rises like a spiral 
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Barrow Museum
The larger piece is the impression of an ammonite shell.  It resembles the genus Microderoceras, but I cannot be sure from this piece.  The pentagonal fossils are parts of the stem of a crinoid (sea-lily) and the pointed objects are indeed a section of the internal skeleton of an extinct squid.  Belemnite is probably the word you were looking for. The white piece just looks like a segment of a flint nodule and other tiny fragments are just too unclear on the photo to identify.

The cliffs at Mappleton (and the eroded debris over the beach) are a mix of material scraped from the north and east, by glacial activity during the ice-age, but the real age of most of your fossils would be the age of the rocks from which they were exhumed.  What you have looks early Jurassic, so around 195 million years, give or take a few million.

If your son is under 16, then consider him joining "Rockwatch" which is a national organisation for young people with an interest in geology.  They actually held an event earlier this summer at Skipsea, looking for finds similar to your.
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