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Can any body give me more info on these fossils please. Thanks IMG_20190829_205317.jpg  IMG_20190829_205401.jpg  IMG_20190829_205518.jpg
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The star shaped things are pieces if Crinoid stem, the long pointy things are Belamite guards, the white bit on the right is part of an ammonite maybe Lipartoceras and the big thing at the top is an ammonite negative. Someone better than me will tell you the species.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. This post appears to be a partial duplicate,with some very relevant information missing but I cannot find the better post in the current list - this is not your fault.
ADMIN - could you sort something out or is it my PC?
Anyway, these are from Mappleton, Yorkshire.
Fossils from this location are eroded from the glacial deposits and are from several periods, so general ID's only I'm afraid.

A is the cast of an ammonite
B these are ossicles (little plates) that make up the stems of an echnoderm called a crinoid (modern relatives are known as 'sea lilies).
C are all belemnites
D flint nodule probably part of a burrow system.
The rest I.'m afraid are too small to see.
Colin Huller
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