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Here's my collection of fish Jaws that i've found on the coast. 
These are hard to ID as they look quite similar and it's hard to tell from just the individual jaws. Please help with the ID's if you have any ideas.  These are all upper lias from Whitby.

This is my best one so far, it needs more shale removing and i'm pretty sure the teeth with continue through. Not sure on species

The teeth appear sharp towards the left on this one and go blunt to the right. This may be due to weathering though. Not sure on species.

I'm Thinking this rather worn specimen below is from a Dapedium judging from other pics online.

This one has lots of other little fish blobs and scales which makes it quite interesting. Not sure on ID.
  Thinking this ones Saurorhynchus Acutus
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Sorry, can’t help with ID but these are really nice finds!!! 🙂
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