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Phileas fossilis
Nice teeth! I would check out for the teeth IDs. The vertebra 3rd from the left looks like ichythosaur too but not 100% sure
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Vert Finder
We went and had a look around Folkestone a couple of weeks ago. Normally, we are quite competent when it comes to ID'ing gault finds, but a lot of what was brought home has flummoxed us. Let's start of with what we can identify.
1. A Douvilliceras mammilatum ammonite:


2. A rather nice set of five or six fish and shark verts. The two on the left were found by Mr Polly:


3. A jam-packed coprolite (courtesy of Mr Polly):


4. A nice mother-of-pearl Anahoplites sp. :

In addition to that, we also got a crab claw and a worn Notopocorystes stokesii.
Now, for what we can't identify:

Of the five verts pictured earlier, could the one third from the left be Ichthyosaur (or perhaps it's just wishful thinking)? Here it is from the side:


I also found three sharks' teeth. What are the species' for the two with roots?


Some close-ups of the smaller one (one of the cusps is broken):


And, lastly, this one from the upper gault at Eastbourne?

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, VF
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