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Guy Osborn
I am rubbish on most ammonites but especially rubbish on small, old, beach-collected ammonites. And my phone camera is not good. Any ideas about these two? a1.jpg  a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg 
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Barrow Museum
As you found these at Folkestone, they will be from the Cretaceous, Gault Clay Formation.
The black phosphate mould I think is Hoplites ?maritimus (or less likely the slightly narrower H. loricatus).  The other is so completely overgrown by pyrite that a positive ID is impossible.  But there is enough shape left, with lateral tubercles and a ventral sulcus to suggest that it is also Hoplites.
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Guy Osborn
Brilliant! I am no good at all with all that Bed I stuff (if that's what it is - East Wear, half way round to Copt Point, the eroding clay at top of beach level (not in low cliffs, on the shore itself, only just exposed). Thank you
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Just suggesting: could the black one be a very worn Douvilleiceras from the Lower Greensand?
There are lots just weathering off on the foreshore about 500 yds past Copt Point.
See for instance:
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Yes it is a Douvillieceras

If you don't look, you won't find.
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