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Hello guys,

I have been visiting Swanage beach in Dorset, the Jurassic coast and have found these strange orange/white stone things. I find them trapped inside a white rock. When the rock reacts with water it starts to turn into a clay substance, making it easier to remove. The orange/white stone thing is trapped inside the rock and is completely visible. When I hammer it out, it falls out like clay. I have a lot of samples to show you in the pictures below. Please could anyone identify what they are? They have a circular light grey crystal pattern in the middle. They are in many shapes and sizes as shown but there is one stuck in the rock and it was in a shape of a line. I was able to easily remove it in its full shape.


Please let me know if you need more information.

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Hello Albert, These are nodules of Marcasite (FeS), encased in a covering of Limonite which forms around it  - a compound formed with the chalk in which the Marcasite was formed 75 - 85 million years ago.
Colin Huller
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