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Nothing much to find at New Fancy last week but I was a bit more successful at Whitecroft Spoil. Some shale containing plant material had fallen (or been pushed [wink] ) onto the path to the left of the access point. Here's a general view.

Most of the plant material was fragmented, this is one of the better pieces.

However I did find a nice piece of decorticised Lycopod trunk, Lepidodendron or similar I think. Unfortunately(?) some modern rootlets had worked their way into a crack and it later split in two revealing a Calamites stem underneath. It's a clean break and I'm minded to Araldite it back together again but I'm not 100% decided on that yet. 

Lepidodendron w Calamites.jpg 
At the top of the right-hand path I found this. Not shale, I assume it's the coal they were quarrying though it's not entirely like any coal I'm familiar with. It has a greasy feel and oily smell and seems to contain pyrite and traces of Calamites leaves and other random plant bits (that don't photograph well).

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Dirty Pete
Interesting finds. Never really had much luck in the forest, scrappy and poorly preserved.
The tips around Radstock (Somerset) are far more productive in my experience.
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Hi CC Re: the "greasy" rock, assuming it is denser than coal, and shows bedding distortions. It is best described as a Carbonaceous mudstone
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