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Hello found on the South downs. Heavy like stone but different to flint. Could they be bones ? Many thanks  Joe 20200420_195435.jpg  20200420_195458.jpg 
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Hello and welcome to  the forum. I am 99% sure that these are all flint/chert (A slightly older form). If you scratch with a steel object and leaves a grey mark rather than a groove, then it is harder than bone and will be a Silicate mineral (Quartz/flint/etc).
P.1 TLt & P2 Top ? Burrow infill with depresion either of a sponge or shell had dropped out.
P.1 TRt Sponge possibly Porochonia.
P.1 & P.2 BtL Ithink is a nodule with Pyrite in it.
P.1 BtRt  & P.2 Mddl Banded flint.
Colin Huller
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Thank you Colin. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I'm happy to have a sponge fossil !!
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