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Hi, only the second attempt at fossil hunting with a fossil crazy four year old. These were found at Compton Bay, Isle of Wight today along the foreshore at low tide.
Anything exciting or just rock formation?
Many thanks in advance Click image for larger version - Name: B08974D8-E0D3-4E5A-85D8-05212C573618.jpeg, Views: 48, Size: 2.36 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 09FC8927-21D6-43CB-8A43-C171F8D04597.jpeg, Views: 48, Size: 2.31 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 11AE9742-2B61-450E-9AF5-4CBF0FAF2522.jpeg, Views: 46, Size: 2.37 MB
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Brittle Star
They all appear to be flint but the holes in the last picture could be where a sponge would have been, impressions will be on the inside of the hole.

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Hi, they are all silica ooze that fossil sponges excrete, the bottom one on the third picture as Cambrian Rockhound suggested could be the impression from the sponge itself. Its hard to identify flint fossils sponges as the can occur at any stage, particularly within the Chalk group but probably around Cenomanian/Turonian stages
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