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David Harrison
811C02EC-E107-4066-B286-D731597CE3F6.jpeg  55F668CE-F09D-4BF3-A7BA-538A2B59A4A5.jpeg  934DC618-4C3F-4AB2-B783-DBDDF2DD31D2.jpeg  C9404E5A-E15B-40CB-8995-7635C6A8186A.jpeg  Find this specimen yesterday next to a chalk cliff in rock fall rubble ! The chalk cliff face is in a hidden part of Staxton hill woods near Scarborough! Been Fossil hunting for about 20years and never really seen anything like this before ! Really amazed as I’ve only just moved into Staxton village having moved from Whitby where I’ve been hunting previously! Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Kind regards David
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Hello David and welcome to the forum. This is an Ichno (trace) fossil of part of a large burrow system of a crustacean (probably lobster). These are often filled with flint.

Flint Burrow.jpg 
Colin Huller
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David Harrison
Thank u so much Colin that makes perfect sense to me now ! Think I was getting a little carried away with myself due to the shape and size ! But still love it and makes an excellent addition to my collection! Kindest regards David 
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