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I thought I'd posted this find a few days ago - but being new to the web site i must have entered it incorrectly as I can't find any record of it on the site. So here I go again.

I found this specimen in a gravel bank on the edge of the River Roding at a place called Schonk's Mill near Navestock some years ago and wondered if anyone could help identify it for me. It looks as if it is the body of some sort of insect/spider/beetle preserved in a piece flint. The markings on it and its' overall shape made me think it might be some sort of beetle. Photographs provided below. Any thoughts/ideas on what it might be would be very much appreciated. Regards - Deadbeat. P.S. apologies for the poor quality of the photographs

IMG_0310.jpg  IMG_0317.jpg  IMG_0316.jpg
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It's a fossilised test of a sea urchin.
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Gary W
Yes an echinoid called Echinocorys scutata.
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