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Yesterday I was fortunate to go on a school trip to Ecton Mine in Staffordshire. Aside from the minerals we were tasked to look for, I found some fossils in the spoil heaps. First one is a brachiopod in carboniferous limestone. There is a mystery object to the left of it-could it be a coral? (Photo 1) Similar features can be seen on one of the other faces of the stone. (Photo 2) 20180626_173501.jpg20180626_174519.jpg     
As well as that, I found a small rock with an almost L-shaped fragment containing serrations or ridges on both sides. I don't have the slightest clue what it is, and any ID would be appreciated. The first photo is the 'top' side, second is the 'bottom' side, the third image is the space between the top and the bottom side with the top side facing up, and the fourth image is a front-on view which perhaps best demonstrates the L-shape. 
20180625_192638.jpg20180625_192648.jpg     20180625_192723.jpg20180626_173050.jpg

I look forwards to hearing from you, and enjoy the good weather when it lasts!


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