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Just found a site on the internet that specifies the quarry.  The material is part of the Corallian Beds with the find coming from the underlying Marls.
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Hi,  I'm a field archaeologist so don't know anything about fossils.  However I'm currently working at a limestone quarry site near Wicken (Cambridgeshire).  Anyway I found this fossil and thought you might be able to help with identification.  I apologise for the quality of the image it wasn't one of my best


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Looks like a crab / lobster claw  - if it is then it's very nice.

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It's a lobster carapace, very nice find, do you know the geology of the area?


If you don't look, you won't find.
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Local geology.

The site is sitauated on the fen edge near the wicken fen nature reserve.  The upper limestone is heavily degraded (onl;y useful for agricultural lime) and as far as I'm aware post-triassic.  THe lower limestine (where the fossil came from) is, i think supposed to be triassic and is comprised of layers of limestine and mud stones.

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Nice find, well done.
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Naze Dave
Looks like lobster carapace to me to, not seen any in that sort of rock before though.
Still Life
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Possibly Upware Limestone of the West Walton Formation and Oxfordian in age ?
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It's doesn't look like the limestone I've found at Upware, but I've only been there once! Had a quick look on the internet last night, but nothing helpful that I saw!

Colin Huller
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