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My son and I found this on a beach in East Sussex, near Bexhill. Not sure what it is, a tooth of some sort? 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks IMG_20191021_123325139.jpg  IMG_20191021_123333384.jpg  IMG_20191021_123342825.jpg  IMG_20191021_123418670.jpg  IMG_20191021_123505782.jpg  IMG_20191021_123514293.jpg  IMG_20191021_123520999.jpg 


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for the information and good photos. This is in fact a sponge which has been fossilised in flint and when the flint nodule was 'opened' by whatever means, the actual sponge has eroded away, leaving an impression in the flint. It has eroded from the chalk and is around 75 - 85 million years old
Colin Huller
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Thanks Colin, that's really interesting - my 6-year old son will be over the moon when I tell him we found an 80 million-year-old fossil when he gets home from school today.
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