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Hi Helen
I found the same stuff when I went in June, I think they're just present-day worm burrows, if you dig nodules out of rocks on the foreshore, under the tide lines, you can see them alive and squiggly, yellowish in colour...
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Hi everyone! I've just joined the forum! Was itching to post over the weekend but didn't realise the admins didn't work on weekends, then work got in the way!

Got some pics to show of my first prep attempt and some advice on air compressors I've seen but for now I'd really like an ID on the rock below if possible!

It's one my partner found and chipped put of some rock at Port Mulgrave last Friday.took some getting but he was really intrigued! He is hoping it is a fossil and he usually shows ones he gets to me but I just couldn't tell him when we were there as I've not come across one. He's really hopeful it is due to its very poignant shape (eg it isn't weathering that has created it) however I'm really not sure.

Any help would be very appreciated! Hopefully the pic will load as ice posted this through my phone! If not I'll edit when I'm home!!

Thanks so much for any help!


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Ps I should add I haven't removed any marks from it yet (eg assuming "sand worms" marks) as I haven't ahead chance.

I'll try upload one of the side of it later which shows the texture better from the break.
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Pete's right about the worms - they also get into fine cracks in fossils on the foreshore and mess up the gluing surfaces...

The rock looks like part of a branching concretion, not a fossil I'm afraid. There just might be something inside - usually not though when they're that shape.
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Yeah that's funny, always seen the worm marks but never the worms 

Yeah I thought as much, wanted some guidance from you guys before I let him down gently!! Thanks very much for replying though!

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