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Markie Mark
I found these Fossils in a stream in woodlands. Surrey England. Can anyone help to identify.
A few of them are tools, they fit in the hand perfectly for smashing down on items. Tools are made from different stones.
There are more in the steam, I did not go into the water looking. Need someone who knows about these Fossils. 

IMG_20190804_000954.jpg Seems to be skulls  IMG_20190802_160240#2.jpg                                                                            where i found the items. there is more. need someone who knows about these fossilsIMG_20190802_111326.jpg  IMG_20190802_110500.jpg  smashing tool smooth where hands have beenIMG_20190802_111252.jpg  smashing tool IMG_20190802_111010.jpg                                                                      Another smashing tool fits perfect in hand. they are worn where fingers go

IMG_20190802_110124#1.jpg    Smashing tool fits perfect in handIMG_20190802_101513#2.jpg  Dino head IMG_20190802_105557.jpg  Dino Head IMG_20190802_101428#1.jpg  Looks like a tooth IMG_20190802_110258.jpg  back off Dino Head
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