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Love the Lepidodendron.
Je passe quand meme
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Hi all

I'm off up to the Yorkshire Dales on Friday for a long weekend. I'm just wondering whether anyone knows of any fossil locations, and if so what can be collected? Any help would be much appreciated!




Andrew Marsh
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Not really the Dales but not far away is the Mallerstang valley.We stayed there a few years ago,breathtaking scenery and I chanced upon some nice carboniferous fossils around a place called Outhgill.Lots of corals etc in the river eden...But if you follow the track east from Outhgill towards Mallerstang common and climb up Outhgill beck you can find some fine millstone grit plants...lepidodendron etc as well as corals and other stuff. It is common access land and very wild and rugged....Here's some we found in the beck.



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Bill G
Cheers, Bill
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I have many fossils along the river Wharfe. Look in the rock beds along the river.
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