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my daughter was picking up rocks to throw in rock pools at the Bendricks beach (Barry) and brought me this "big rock" to throw. upon closer looking at it, it appears to be some sort of spine/vertebrae fossil. I'm a bit of a novice to fossil hunting but am fascinate by it. I was hoping to get some advice or clarification on it. it is pretty large so i would be surprised if it was a fossil and would definitely be a display piece. IMG_20200324_181057.jpg  IMG_20200324_181059.jpg  IMG_20200324_181103.jpg  IMG_20200324_181112.jpg  IMG_20200324_181125.jpg  IMG_20200324_181132.jpg  IMG_20200324_181149.jpg 
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Sorry rock I think but it looks to have something inside! It could be a fossil in the last picture. I could give it a whack and see what’s inside.
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Dirty Pete
Thats a rock, never found any fossils there (Triassic marginal beds, sand and mud, so wouldn't expect to) but did you spot any dinosaur footprints there?

There used to be lots if you knew where to look.

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Brittle Star
On the 5th photo on the left of the rock could be trace fossils, looks to be tubes or burrows of some kind.

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