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Gandalf the White
Hi found this in a railway cut. Looks like a scallop. What is it’s real name??? The shell on the left is about 3 years old the one on the rights the fossil looks like it is many Millions. Click image for larger version - Name: A7895468-83B5-4847-A565-CA53A95F204F.jpeg, Views: 23, Size: 1.30 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 551D12AA-5C2F-42C2-B52E-E8F46E1B07E0.jpeg, Views: 24, Size: 1.42 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 39204BC0-F491-479B-B0A9-E4E1EEAA7CF9.jpeg, Views: 26, Size: 1007.65 KB Click image for larger version - Name: EE15F8F3-1E72-4BB9-B528-95499FDBFB15.jpeg, Views: 26, Size: 1.18 MB
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Brittle Star
Hi, you will need to give a location so the age is known.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Ah, Tilton! Now of course a SSSI, I've not been for over 40 years, when the cutting was overgrown, but I did find what I went for - tiny pure white brachiopods with crystals inside them! But I am digressing -
I can't tell what it is from the part you have but I hope you will have a look at the above link - it's always good to research the place you're going first!
Colin Huller
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Your photo with the modern shell highlights an important fact in palaeontology - original colour is rarely seen in fossils. Your fossil might have been as white as your modern scallop, or it might have been yellow or pink or ...

Modern geochemical techniques can reveal something about colours but you need a laboratory full of expensive kit to do it!
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