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Hi I decided to go fossil hunting today with my son and I'm sure I found a skull, please tell me if I'm wrong ?. Also should I take it to the museum?. Thanks in advance. Click image for larger version - Name: IMG-20180806-WA0014.jpeg, Views: 75, Size: 1.43 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG-20180806-WA0003.jpeg, Views: 73, Size: 1.18 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG-20180806-WA0005.jpeg, Views: 69, Size: 1015.25 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG-20180806-WA0001.jpeg, Views: 68, Size: 1.14 MB
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Would you take some more photos with a scale I'm pretty certain it isn't a skull but we need a lot more information before we can comment further!
  • Where was it found - as detailed as possible including the type of site (beach, cliff, quarry, river etc)
  • Please use a scale in all photos - a ruler is best & overcast natural sunlight is best (no flash)
  • take several aspects of the nodule, fossil etc - all sides and broken ends ie the cross section is important, especially for bone.
Colin Huller
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