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Hi everybody,

Two pics of what looks like a worm-case on a rock from East Runton beach, Norfolk.

The 'worm-case' is roughly 4.5"/11.5cms long. I'm also curious about the dense scratch-type marks on the rock's surface. Perhaps it is a glacial erratic; perhaps the marks are from the tides. 

The rock might have come from an enormous chalk raft, one end of which is eroding at beach-level nearby. I think it's fairly 'fresh' - I keep an eye out for erratics on this beach and haven't noted this one before today.

Any comments will be appreciated!


DSC_1013.jpg  DSC_1012.jpg
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Dirty Pete
Looks like a large lump of flint + serpulid encrustation. The scratch marks probably natural abrasion of the 'cortex' (thin outer white layer) and maybe some modern grazing tracks...

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Yup! Completely agree with DP.
Colin Huller
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