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Lucy Cameron
I found this bone shaped stone in the field yesterday. To me it looks like it has the bone epiphysis and joints. Just wondered if anyone could advise on whether this is indeed a fossilised bone or just an unusual stone.
Thank you Click image for larger version - Name: A0299CEF-B171-4137-9890-E7B132E71347.jpeg, Views: 22, Size: 1.98 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 6F3FEB9B-8851-4E6E-8107-2456110CFD04.jpeg, Views: 22, Size: 2.03 MB
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Hello Lucy, not bone I'm afraid but what is known as a 'Ichnofossil' or Trace fossil. It looks like a flint to me, from the Cretaceous chalk (75 - 85 million years old and was formed when flint filled part of a marine buroow, probably a lobster burrow. The article below explains all.
Just one thing, could you always describe where it' was found (ie beach, field river etc near anytown, village etc) so that we can check the geology of the area.


Flint Burrow.jpg 
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
Looks like a bone shaped lump/nodule of chert. Knowing the location of the field would be a big help. Bone usually fossilises dark grey/black and often has a honeycomb internal structure.

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