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 First timer here so not sure if these are anything at all! 

Wondering if these are bone?95B1E21F-E249-4075-AD3E-E991B81C321D.jpeg 

I was also wondering what on Earth this could be. It may not be as obvious in the photo but the reddish section is almost like little rounded bubbles.02D37A2A-7233-4732-86A9-DA296BBF2FB6.jpeg 

I’ve also attached this, which I thought could be a very crude ammonite? But again may just be stone.F5F60A49-FB82-4596-8027-0C4095D544D0.jpeg 

All found in Charmouth.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.The first photo, the top specimen looks like a flint, formed in a seabed burrow  and worn out of the chalk 75 - 85 million years old.The second is Chert ( same composition as flint) and the brown crystals are 'Botroidal Calcite'.The last one looks like a Quartzite stone, but I may be wrong.
Colin Huller
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