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Steve Whatley
Hi from the new guy.

The following are examples of fossils my family and I collected whilst out for a walk in the South of France (Not very far from the Bellevue dinosaur dig a few miles from the town Esperaza). All I know is that there are at least 2 gastropods, some forams (not nummulites, I'm told), and a bivalve. Forams and gastropods found at the same level. Any ideas?

Figure 1: Gastropods (Largest is less than 2 cm across)

Figure 2: Close-up of figure 1

Figure 3: Another close-up of figure 1

Figure 4: Side view of gastropod on the left of figure 1

Figure 5: Another species?

Figure 6: Forams

Fa9.jpg Figure 7: A bivalve

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