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Rem Vlasblom
I was hiking in the area near the beach about a mile west of Eastbourne and came across this snail shell embedded in the chalk. It has me curious because its location makes me think of a fossil but it doesn’t look like one. Also there’s nothing in any of the fossil ID guides or your wonderful app that looks anything like it. 
For starters here is a picture of the cliff face where I found it. The shell itself was located about 10-15 feet above the high tide mark. 

The next picture is a bit closer in to show the rock around the shell:

This last picture shows the shell partially exposed in the rock. 


Here is the shell after I removed it from the cliff with my hand included for size reference. 
So as you can see my confusion comes from the fact the shell looks like something that could have washed up yesterday but if that’s the case how did it end up embedded in the rock on the side of a cliff 15 feet up from the ocean? 
 Thank you very much in advance for any help you can offer. 
Rem Vlasblom 
Alberta Canada
Click image for larger version - Name: 14517347-2F48-439E-95DF-72726F98E966.jpeg, Views: 47, Size: 456.44 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 28C8149F-3874-46CA-BE19-A9EEAF87BCF9.jpeg, Views: 49, Size: 599.01 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 76D1CC1C-5971-449D-ABB9-A1533E7E16EB.jpeg, Views: 39, Size: 396.11 KB
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Bill G
Hi. It’s a recent shell caught in a slurry of chalk that has dried
Cheers, Bill
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I totally agree with Bill!
Colin Huller
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Rem Vlasblom
Thanks for your insight, I guess I have to come back to your beautiful country and try again!
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