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Hi guys, 

 Me and my family found this at formby beach. We think its a horn of some sort, anybody any idea?


A 20200611_112316.jpg 20200611_112254.jpg  20200611_112244.jpg  20200611_112230.jpg  20200611_111615.jpg 
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I’m far from an expert on this, but based on the geology at Formby, and the structure of the bone, it’s mammal and will be no older than ~3m years old. It looks like a fragment of the socket from a scapula (shoulder blade). From the size, it could be something like woolly rhino (Coeledonta Antiquitatis) which have been found in the area. Do a google image search for “wholly rhino scapula” and see what you think. There were lots of large mammals knocking about in that period, so it could be a range of things.
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Gary W
Mammal bone, age is difficult to judge, is it mineralised and denser than bone?
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It doesnt seem to match the shape of the scapula, but it does seem to have a bit sheared off. I would say it is denser than bone yes. 
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