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Hi everyone 
found these at port last week. One is definitely an ichthyosaur vert but not sure on the other.
thanks in advance  20D5B38E-0EE5-4661-B58C-C9D1CD0A35B2.jpeg  6FB8045F-6BCC-4DD8-BD8F-EFEFE5369584.jpeg  BB820819-7FEA-4420-8B91-C61DF7BF980C.jpeg  ED86F6E7-1811-4CEC-BB97-ED76AB00B5B9.jpeg  7C3C008B-4749-42B9-BC5F-93419BF5D47E.jpeg  7699BD67-66C7-4017-9A3A-8AA5AFA8F937.jpeg  59EAE273-7144-443F-9431-3E8A7AEAA798.jpeg  85C2235D-3157-46C5-9691-C5EDB3E5FB46.jpeg 
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