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I recently found these two fossils at Robin Hoods Bay (north Yorkshire) which I have been unable to identify. I wondered if anyone here could either identify them or point me in the right direction to find out more.

Both were found among loose rocks to the North of the village.

Thank you for your time.

DSC05253.jpg  DSC05254.jpg  DSC05255.jpg     DSC05257.jpg  DSC05258.jpg  DSC05259.jpg  DSC05260.jpg  DSC05261.jpg  DSC05262.jpg  DSC05263.jpg  DSC05264.jpg  DSC05265.jpg  DSC05266.jpg  DSC05268.jpg  DSC05269.jpg  DSC05270.jpg  DSC05271.jpg  DSC05272.jpg
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The bivalve Pinna folium
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Barrow Museum
Further to Andy's identification, you might also be interested to know that the same genus of bivalve is still extant today, in offshore British waters.  It is the largest native British bivalve and also the only one which has a flexible shell (the distal, wide, part can be pulled together as otherwise the creature would not be able to protect itself from any predator).  As it lives with its "pointed" end buried fairly deep in the sea-floor, it cannot move otherwise.  In addition, this mode of life often means they are preserved in life-position and your fossils were probably buried in this orientation.
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Empire Surfboards
That's amazing and nice to think that same genus of bivalve is still around today.
Thanks so much for your help!
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That's interesting BM, I didn't realise that!
Colin Huller
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Ahhh! If only I'd found this site earlier. I too found a similar fossil at Robin Hoods Bay. I ended up sending an email to the Natural History Museum fossil identification guy! At least I now know where to come for future assistance. Screenshot_20190918-185654_Gallery.jpg  Screenshot_20190918-185702_Gallery.jpg  Screenshot_20190918-185708_Gallery.jpg  Screenshot_20190918-185806_Gallery.jpg 
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