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Can anyone help to identify this fossil[?] found today at the south end of Runswick Bay?
Nick 20191228_150243.jpg  20191228_180641.jpg 
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Either a pseudo-fossil ('rock') or a fossil root? 
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Could we have a photo of the ends please? It would help for specifying if it’s bone or not. 🙂
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I will take some more pictures to show you.
One end tapers to a point [on the left of the picture],there is a circumferential thickening about 2/3 of the way along
[on the right of the mid section] and there is a sort of process[which you can just about see on the top of the section on the right.
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Hi Nick and welcome to the forum. It might be wood ot a concretion, but we need to see the cross section of the end where your hand is! Please also include a scale - a ruler is best in all photos.
Colin Huller
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