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I am wondering if someone could identify the fossil on the right at the bottom please 15911942108067355242111031482098.jpg  Click image for larger version - Name: 15911940988501883559897158225439.jpg, Views: 18, Size: 326.20 KB
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Barrow Museum
It is a heavily eroded ammonite segment.  The piece shows very well the chambers of the shell and their dividing walls (septae).

You don't ask for ID of the others, as I am sure you know them.  Just for the record, from top left...Mudstone with what appear to be bivalve shells (probably Jurassic), Two Carboniferous pieces - one looks like crinoid debris, the other has a Siphonodendron coral colony.  Lower left is a Jurassic ammonite.  Looks like a Whitby Mudstone example, but a well-aimed crack with a hammer should expose the central whorls for a better opinion.
All originated from elsewhere and have been ice-carried to Skipsea by Pleistocene glaciation.
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Thank you for the response. 
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