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Is this a fossil?  Or man-made structure?  Or perhaps just the way this stone cracked and weathered?  I found it on the other side of warden point, away from the clay beds on a normal bit of beach:

Seems like flint but not sure:

20200608_195643.jpg  20200608_195701.jpg  20200608_195734.jpg  20200608_195823.jpg  20200608_195846.jpg 

Same question for this, which was found right next to last specimen above:

20200608_195907.jpg  20200608_195916.jpg  20200608_195934.jpg 

Many thanks!
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Barrow Museum
The last three photos are clearly a small septarian nodule of what appears to be sideritic mudstone.  Search this site for "septarian" to find the full explanation of how they formed.  It probably fell from the London Clay cliffs.

The first object looks like a piece of flint nodule to me, as you also surmise. but that curious striated impression has me puzzled.  I suspect it has an organic origin, maybe a burrow-form, but the weird weathered surface is also odd.  I don't think it is a shell impression, as it seems to have too irregular a surface.  I am intrigued by the browner area of this object, which looks as if it has more internal structure visible.  Could it have been heated somehow?

I admire that ruler, by the way!
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Fascinating, thanks! I looked up septarians...some of them are beautiful!

I really wonder what that tube like thing in the flint is.  If its flint...does that put a limit on its age to 50-70m yrs? (Also did a bit of flint reading)

The ruler belongs to my 5 year old son . We got it at one of the English Heritage sites 🙂
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Gary W
It does look like a very worn flint and the parallel lines do look like a fossil, but I must admit I dont know what it is of
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Thanks!  This was also found at Warden point, this time in the clay beds and again in a pile of pyrite bits...  would anyone be able to ID this:

20200609_210008.jpg  20200609_210022.jpg  20200609_210033.jpg 

Many thanks!
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Dirty Pete

Your S.nodule seems to have 2 different crack formation/infill phases, white then grey mineral....interesting.


Just noticed that this is my 1066 post and your ruler is displaying William I. Now what's the chance of that????
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Thanks Dirty Pete...yes I think you are right with Scaphopod.

Haha yes thats quite a coincidence 🙂
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I've just taken another look at this, which was found close to the septarian nodule at warden point...

20200610_223835.jpg  20200610_223852.jpg   20200610_223905.jpg  20200610_223918.jpg  20200610_223937.jpg  20200610_223949.jpg 


Initially I thought it was a rock with some interesting line in it but now it looks more like a bone perhaps.... anything worth writing home about so to speak?

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Brittle Star
I think the photo of the long brown object shows a seed of some sort, you get all sorts there.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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