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Sarah Eloise
Hello all I have two fossils here found on Anglesey, the amonite which has crystal formations although you won't be able to see it very well on the picture was found at cemlyn bay. The next I am not sure what they are, but they were found on parys mountain which is a disused copper mine! Click image for larger version - Name: 15444840476798449832779502830012.jpg, Views: 51, Size: 134.51 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 15444840838608802752629110132006.jpg, Views: 50, Size: 194.78 KB
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Hi Sarah,

Your 'ammonite' is most likely a section through a gastropod (i.e. snail); there are no ammonites to be found on Anglesey. Not sure of the age as many time periods are represented on Anglesey (but not ammonite-bearing ones); most likely Carboniferous, though - the most common fossils on the island are Carboniferous. Although rocks of this age mainly crop out on the east of the island, you can find Carboniferous fossils that have been moved to virtually anywhere around the coast.
The second fossil is a coral; can't see much detail, but it is probably Siphonodendron sp., a very common Carboniferous genus on Anglesey.


PS. You should really have posted this under 'British Fossils' rather than 'World Fossils'.
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