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CA46A31E-6403-4AC4-AEB0-3D930B62FC34.jpeg  D291F282-BAB2-4F7F-B5FB-FB929CE3F30E.jpeg  B3C15F3D-1E54-414A-B494-3903083E01A8.jpeg  BAE55662-989C-4F3F-93A5-029B3FB10711.jpegI have exposed as much as I dare, any ideas what it might be from?
any help is much appreciated 
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Dirty Pete
I always get stuck in the mud at that place....I'm not convinced it's bone and it seems to have a thin outer layer (shell?), ribs/ornamentation and a curve on it, Could it just be a fragment of bivalve shell?

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Haha yes the mud is usually quite bad, I’m only just learning so no idea if it’s bone, I will try and expose more and have a really close look to see if I can tell if it’s shell
thanks for the reply 👍
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Hi Steve, just been looking through the posts, and when i saw the first  your pics i thought shark fin spine. I'm sure somebody more knowledgable will confirm or rule out my hunch. Have you got any further with exposing some more of it?
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Hey, thanks for replying 
I am planning on trying to expose more tomorrow so will post another picture 
I did go back again and noticed a big she’ll that seemed the same texture, hopefully exposing more will shed some light 👍
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26305A83-290A-4E10-8279-288764416400.jpeg  43222328-E614-4C3F-8A9C-CAFFF52BAB31.jpeg  FEB12FD2-B4A1-41BE-AFCE-A598E5C3718E.jpeg  Hey, exposed some more tonight
there is something very hard up against it (pyrite?)
going slowly as just got a dremel 290 so just learning
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