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We found a few Belemnites but also these. New to fossil hunting they may be just rocks... WIN_20200831_11_29_39_Pro.jpg  WIN_20200831_11_30_11_Pro.jpg  WIN_20200831_11_30_44_Pro.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
3rd ones a flint pebble with a modern calcareous worm tube stuck to it, 2nd ones out of focus but suspect it's a broken bit of varicoloured flint.

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Pick 2 and 3 are instantly recognisable as plain old Flint/Chert to me, sorry to disappoint.

The Belemnite fragments are nice though, out of clay i'd guess? They tend to have that lovely brown opaque colour when preserved in clay/mud, we got similar bits from the boulder clay at Hornsea.
- Brad
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