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Hey all, 
I live on a very old Rectory (1700s) thats fallen down so theres a lot of rubble left. I found two things of interest, although I think they are I dont know if either are actually fossils. The first is a rock that had split and caught my eye, and to me looks like a vertebrate. The second looks like it's also been split a while ago and I have only one half and looks like it is maybe a worm or anemone.
I would really love some help confirming if these are fossils and what they are from anyone with good knowledge 
Thank you!  20200507_174019(0).jpg  20200507_174048.jpg  20200507_173816.jpg  20200507_173816.jpg  20200507_173824.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
First one looks like a lump of ironstone (Iron rich claystone) I don't see any bone. Second one looks like a a chert/flint nodule that's formed around what I assume is some kind of fossil sponge.
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Hello Eleanor and welcome to the forum. I agree with Pete on the 1st nodule, but the second one may be a flint containing the remnants of a sponge.
Colin Huller
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