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Hi there, anyone able to help with this please? Found on overstrand beach this morning... Hoping it’s not a shoe print or a tyre but it is curved inwards so hoping it’s some form of animal. Looks like an inverted tortoise shell to me... thanks for your help 58800867-554D-490A-A33E-5C1633F46957.jpeg  CCAB4F76-6C9B-41AC-B176-472D27BF65F7.jpeg  F13AA863-F67C-41E3-89B9-ADA0B962F300.jpeg  053CEECC-AE6B-4990-9C2F-7A69407C59C0.jpeg 
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Brittle Star
It is an imprint of an echinoid. Someone here may ID the species for you

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Barrow Museum
You have found the impression, in flint, of a partial sea-urchin (echinoid) that lived around 85-90 million years ago in the Chalk sea, during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period.  The segments are individual plates of the sea-urchin test (shell).  The row with dots is actually the trace of small pores through which the tube feet protruded during life.  It is not quite complete enough to determine for sure the species, but I think it might be Echinocorys.  I attach a photo of one which you can compare with yours, particularly if you can make a plasticene cast of your specimen.  Search this site for Echinocorys or flint echinoid and you will find quite a few similar ones and some explanation of how they became preserved in flint.

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Thank you so much. You have made a little boy and his mother very happy with the detailed explanation. He now wants to search for fossils in our drive!
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