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Mac Dramm
It's not Limestone and i can't see any chisel marks.IMG_1238.jpg IMG_1238.jpg IMG_1239.jpg IMG_1240.jpg IMG_1241.jpg 
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Hello and welcome to the forum. You don't say exactly where it was fund - nearest town, village, 1st part of post code, hillside, river, etc. What size is it? (Please include a scale (ruler is best) in all photos. These make it easier to find the geology of where it was found. You say it isn't limestone, but have you tried putting a few drops a strongish acid to see if it fizzes?
Colin Huller
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I found this along the shore in Malibu , Ca ... Mammoth... or other... tooth?
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Mac Dramm
Hi thanks for getting back.......I have not tried the acid. I live in the heart of the Lake district. I will get more info. Thanks for your time. Mac
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It's a geode no doubt, crack it open to see
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Kalopin is an impact spherule from the YDB, when the Moon impacted the Tethys sea, 13kya..., there is no sedimentary process, definitely not man-made, and, although never suggested, but more plausible, not volcanic either...
...more than likely, mainly of gabbro, hardened by the heat of such an encounter...
...the microspherules contain nanodiamond formed at temps exceeding 2200*C... takes an impact/explosion to produce spherules, just as weld spatter, this rock was thrown from the ejecta blanket molten, spinning in all direction until solidifying...
...they are found all over the globe, in Costa Rica, Bosnia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan,... and in perfect alignment with the YDB strewnfield...
...please go through all my findings- 
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Kalopin's an impact spherule...
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Dirty Pete
I see pink orthoclase feldspar, so I'll go for granite. I think you have masses of it up there. Make a nice finial on a gatepost if you can hire a crane.
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Hello, sometimes a boulder gets trapped in a pothole under water and the current makes the boulder go round and round; so increasing the size of the pothole and downsizing and shaping the boulder, making it  round until a near perfect sphere is formed.
Smaller pebbles that wash into the pothole and /or extreme current velocety can make that the sphere escapes the pothole and is preserved.

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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