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15661591920162227088171051678583.jpg  15661592355167226157219447460049.jpg  1566159253726651378205583318426.jpgMy daughter found this on a beach in Pathos a couple of weeks ago and really wants to know what it is? It is rock hard like marble, she's dropped it and it's never cracked, chipped or smashed. We think it's some sort of lime stone worm hole fossil but havnt a clue really. Any help?
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Hello Naomi and welcome to the forum. This is a Serpula (or one of that family) and is the cast in which an annelid worm lived. It is made from Calcium carbonate and could be fossilised or modern as these worms are still living today.
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
I think you're right to suspect worms. An encrusting calcareous worm tube that would have been stuck to a rock. I assume it's modern.

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