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My daughter found this on the beach and I include a photo of the front and back as well as side. It is about 6 cm in length and shaped like an incisor tooth. Several mammoth teeth have been found in the vicinity but may be more plant-like? The ridges are raised. Any help much appreciated! Thank you 0BCC3127-BD14-4641-A39D-5944A1B2C74A.jpeg  0B7FE71A-2339-4E2E-B8F1-4B7BF7F6C620.jpeg  54740300-3795-4406-8470-26347874BF52.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Gavin,
Looks like banded chert or similar layered silica rock.

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I'm afraid I agree - but very convincing for a fossil!
Colin Huller
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