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D9DB6CE2-E271-4DB8-9DC0-1A8124A4B130.jpeg  B10C800E-60AB-4C80-B3FC-F010934FD1F1.jpeg  B8ACF6B3-FE8F-4FA1-A2C0-9993A32F56C6.jpeg 33E5CE5B-25EB-4FC8-A9CD-2DFEAE2800EA.jpegMy partner and I found 2 bones at Sheringham beach. They aren’t fossils but I would like to know which animal they came from. 
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Barrow Museum
You can have a go at identifying them yourselves by going to this Natural History Museum site:
I'd guess that you have a sacrum and maybe a rib, but from what???
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Or post the photos here:-
Colin Huller
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