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Speckly Sarah
Found this on the beach at St Mary’s Bay in Kent. I think it’s a fossil (possibly coral upon researching shapes but I have no fossil knowledge???) However my husband is convinced the marks are too spherical and sharp so he thinks it is machine turned. Inside each of the two holes on the other side of the pebble, I can see greyish crystals sparkling inside the rock. D664F329-4195-4329-96D8-77184E7B3DBD.jpeg  39B2E775-6D11-48C1-979D-F59661F25213.jpeg  EEC0518F-0CD7-41B9-A34A-0482BE9571B8.jpeg  B700DB5E-4D70-460A-B385-E680A6AE6692.jpeg  E9EFEEAF-3694-4C8C-840B-644530411722.jpeg 
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Hello, this is an imprint of a regular sea urchin (like Cidaris sp.)  in a piece of flint; a common fossil, but very pleasant to look at.
The age will be around 70 million years, plus or minus a fortnight...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Bert is correct - these are impressions of the attachments for sea urchin spines a long its shell.
Colin Huller
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Speckly Sarah
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer and although it’s pretty common, as a novice, I’m still thrilled 😊
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