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Jo Amsel
Northants/ WArwckd borders Click image for larger version - Name: E73B46C4-0BC1-4A81-A039-99099A8A02E5.jpeg, Views: 23, Size: 43.79 KB
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Brittle Star
Can you give a more exact location please and put a scale or ruler on your photos, coins are not recommended as people are from different countries and do not know the sizes, this makes it easier to give an ID.

Thank you

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Jo Amsel
There is a pound coin in centre for scale. Location is Catesby which is near Daventry close to the Jurassic Way.
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Janet is quite correct in her request, but I have edited your photo.


A = An ammonite, but not sure of the genus. I woild need to see a larger photo of the cross section and the keel.
B = Another ammonite Hildoceras probably lucitanicum
C = A bivalve (part of one half)  probably Pseudopectenequivalvis.
D = A tiny part of an ammonite, not enough of it to say more.
E = Another ammonite, very worn so can't give a genus but showing very nice suture lines (search for ammonite sutures).
F = The oyster Gryphaea not sure of species but may be G arcuata otherwise known as 'devils toenails'

They are all lower to middle Jurassic 160 - 180 million years old.
Colin Huller
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Jo Amsel
Thank you for that.. We have many more . Will post some, suspect may be a few corals.
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Nice finds. A & E would benefit from a bit of extra prepping. Two minutes with an air pen would do a world of good.
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Jo Amsel
Thank you for the feedback. Will think about cleaning them up a bit.
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