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pete g

Hi Gethin
Try looking at Dimorphoplites sp, some of the Anahoplites are very chunky, thus being juv Dimorphoplites sp, obviously being juv, they have no ornamentation.
Some Anahoplites do get quite chunky though, the splendens and A. daveisi.
Cheers Pete
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Dream Weaver
Apologies for the lack of photos - soon to follow - but on my trip to Folkestone last weekend I found, amongst many other beauties, a couple of c.f. Anahoplites specimens, both pyritized, nacreous, and likely from Bed I or Bed II. The thing is, when I say 'c.f. Anahoplites', although the overall look is much the same, they are both smaller, and much, much 'chunkier'. 

I've looked on, as a matter of course, but can't find anything like them on there. So, finally, my question is this: anyone got any idea what sort of species i should be a-Google searching for (until, that is, I get around to posting some pics on here?)

Many thanks! 

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