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Hi all
I was hoping that someone could help with an ID on my find from Gilwern Quarry at the weekend. It's been suggested that it could be the partial arm of a starfish - could anyone confirm this or suggest another ID please?

Gilwern fossil (5 of 5).jpg 
Gilwern fossil (1 of 5).jpg 

Thanks [smile]
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Hi Terry,

I can't confirm it either way but I have found an image of a starfish from the same quarry on this good website put together by the researchers who have been working at Upper Gilwern for years - inc Pete Lawrance. See what you think!

Incidentally the same website also contains an entertaining introduction to the geology and geological history of this brilliant site.


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Thanks Colin, it was this website that made us think it might be a starfish! The NHM have said there's not enough material to say either way, but they gave a firm "maybe" and that's good enough for me!
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