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Hi everyone.. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the uk, or yorkshire to be more speciffic, and we are looking for advice on how and where to find fossils and also some info on if its legal to take fossils back to Denmark with us.. If anyone knows someone or some place where I can ask and get some info it would be greatly appreciated :)
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Hi René
Take a look at the Locations/Yorkshire section of this site, there are plenty of places you can go, depending on what you are looking for.
You definitely have to search the stretch of coast from Staithes to Ravenscar, the sites are extremely productive.
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Bobo the bear
Hi Rene
as Estwing said that part of the coast is productive. As is Speeton for Cretaceous period....but please note that most sites are SSSI's so hammering away at the bedrock is illegal. There are usually sufficient falls from the cliff in any case to keep you busy.
Don't go too close to the cliffs as they are unstable in most areas and rock falls have claimed lives in the past. Good fossil hunting.
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