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The no 4 or  4x bus from Whitby to Middlesburgh will take you to Staithes,  Hinderwell (Port Mullgrave), Sandsend.

The no 93x bus from Whitby to Scarborough will take you to Robin Hoods bay. Just google Arrivabus for timetable.

 A short walk to the east side of the harbour will get you on the beach and you can fossil along to Saltwick bay.

Hope that this helps

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I am glad to say that I will be going to Whitby for the first time and I look forward to exploring the area and searching for fossils. I do not have a car but I am going by rail from Durham. Would anyone know of any good locations for me to start searching that is in walking distance from the rail station? I have my geohammer and backpack ready to go!
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Hello, out of Whitby station, you go over the harbourbridge, first right, there is a nice fossilshop with nice material, good books, and an pleasant owner that can tell you everything you need...

When going out, be VERY aware of the tides and only go out on a falling tide and, on the beach, keep away from the Cliffs; there is allways material falling down.

Most fossils are found among the loose material on the beach, sometimes the crevices are filled with debris; these often holds nice fossils as well.

Try to look where another person would not...puddles ect.

Do have a good time and let us know how you got on.

Good hunting!

greetings, Bert

the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Stopping at Natural Wonders (Byron's shop) is a good idea. 

Saltwick Bay is a brief hike along the bluff tops to the south of Whitby

I believe there are busses that run north and south that could easily get you close to Stithies, Port Mulgrave and/or Runswick Bay.

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Bobo the bear

There is a bus service to Robin Hoods bay from Whitby...a good walk along the slate beds and foreshore will take you to Boggle hole and eventually to Ravenscar....fossils all the way.

PS. If the tide is coming in you can always return via Boggle hole along the cliff top to Robin Hoods Bay.

Mainly ammonites, belemnites and Gryphea but occasional surprises encountered.

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Just a warning with Whitby - you only have 2 hours either side of low tide to get around the headlands. 
Finally found bone[biggrin]
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